We offer high quality Islamic courses online.

Maturidi Institute is offering a once in a life time opportunity for students anywhere around the world to enrol in to our Islamic Scholastic programme and study the sacred knowledge of Islam from the comforts of their homes.

The learning approach is simple in the sense that high quality video content is available in each unit of study and this allows students to watch and make notes so that you never need to miss a word.

Even the testing will be administered online with time based tests being provided to the students.

We can share unlimited number of attachments for the course and also the lectures may be presented with visual tools used by the teacher such as a whiteboard or an interactive presentation.

Most course texts are available as PDF copies that can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader and when it is required to purchase the text we will provide a link to the relevant page/site to purchase.

We have decided to add social learning to our programme by allowing you to discuss in a secure and private forum attached to each course.

We believe by allowing you to discuss a topic in this way more breath and depth can be added to your learning and knowledge. The forums will be monitored and teachers encouraged to respond to student queries where an issue has not been understood or requires further enlightenment.

Students who take the tests, and pass or are awarded Ijazah, can print their end of course pass certificates directly from the website as these will be generated automatically and stored in each student's personal online account.

We offer Ijazah (Certification of competence) for anyone who gains the minimum marks required. Our Ijazah means your qualification remains with you and is recognised by any genuine alim/scholar regardless of whether they know the Maturidi Institute or not. The reason for this is that we give you a certificate with the full list of scholars leading from your to the author of the text.

Students can subscribe to a single module/course or to the full set of modules/courses that comprise each academic year of study.  As an added incentive to register for a full academic year students are given a discounted annual fee.


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Maturidi Institute Teachers

The importance of Islamic Sciences means that we do not entrust their teaching to anyone but the most qualified (Ijazaath) and skilled teachers. We have vetted all of our teachers and assessed their ability to be able to deliver the curriculum at a good or outstanding level.
In each teachers' own profile section you will find more details about their personal lives and qualifications as well as their achievements. We hope you find this informative and that it assists you in choosing to study with the Maturidi Institute.
Shaykh Sulaiman Ahmed

Shaykh Sulaiman Ahmed [ Founder and CEO ]


Shaykh Abdul Raheem

Shaykh Abdul Raheem [ Teacher ]


Shoaib Malik

Dr Shoaib Malik [ Teacher ]


Rouf Ditta

Rouf Ditta [ Teacher ]


About Maturidi Institute

There are very few people, nowadays, who stand true to the teachings of the Maturidi Theological school founded by Abū Manṣūr al-Māturīdī. Maturidi Institute is different from the rest because we teach each school of thought in its purest form without confusing the opinions from several schools.

- Maturidi Institute

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