Shaykh Abdul Raheem

An experienced teacher of Islam

Shaykh Abdul Raheem started his studies at the tender age of seven. The first subject he studied was Tajweed (Intonation of Arabic), and this was done under the guidance of a Tajweed expert Shaykh Nashash. With Shaykh Nashash he not only learnt Tajweed but also memorised many Juz (parts) of the Qur’an. At the age of ten he attended an Islamic Daruloom, which was a boarding school, where he studied the Islamic sciences for five years. After his intensive studies, at the age of sixteen he attended a second Islamic boarding school so that he can enrich his knowledge. He spent three years at the well-known Islamic institute of Jamia al-Karam, intensively studying a wide range of Islamic sciences where he graduated at the age of nineteen. After graduating from Jamia al-Karam, Shaykh Abdul Raheem then attended Avicenna Academy to further his studies. Under the guidance of Shaykh Sulaiman Ahmed he further expanded his studies in the field of Fiqh, Aqeedah, Usul and Mustalah-ul-Hadith.
Throughout his studies the Shaykh has covered many texts in each of the Islamic fields, such as Nur ul Idah, Mukhtasar al-Qaduri, Hidayah, Aqeedah Tahahwaiyah, Wassiyah of Imam Abu Hanifa, Badl ul Amali, Aqaid Nasafi, Usool al-Shasi, Tasheel al-Sarf, Imdad al-Sarf, Imdad al-Nahw, Duroos Nahwiya, Ajromiyah, Hidayah al-Nahw, Mishkat al-Masabih, Hanafi Mustalah al-Hadith. The Shaykh has been studying the Islamic sciences for fifteen years and his studies continue; wal-hamdu-lillah.

Whilst studying the Islamic sciences, the Shaykh also studied Herbal Medicine. He has spent a significant amount of years studying Herbal Medicine under the guidance of a number of teachers. Whilst practicing herbal medicine his appreciation of alternative medicine grew, as he felt that despite modern medicine being beneficial there can be side effects. The Shaykh is currently teaching Greco-Islamic herbal medicine as well as practicing herbal medicine by supporting his patients. The Shaykh is also a holistic practitioner of cupping and understands the importance of alternative medicine.

After graduating, Shaykh Abdul Raheem has been teaching Arabic Grammar and Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) to students of the Alim Course at Avicenna academy. Shaykh Abdul Raheem also teaches the Islamic sciences and as well as English Language and Literature at Avicenna Academy Secondary School. Avicenna Academy achieved outstanding results in the primary and secondary sectors culminating in it being the best schools in South Yorkshire based on behaviour and results.

Shaykh Abdul Raheem is continuing his studies in the Islamic sciences, herbal medicine as well as in secular education. He is currently studying his BA (Hons) in English Language.

August 15, 2017

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