Shaykh Sulaiman Ahmed

Founder and CEO of the Maturidi Institute

Shaykh Sulaiman Ahmed grew up in Middlesbrough, in the North East of the UK. At a young age he attended the well-known Islamic boarding school Jamia Al-Karam, for five years, before graduating at the age of sixteen. Shaykh Sulaiman continued his studies in the secular field, and achieved excellent grades in his A-Levels. He later attended University and graduated with LLB (Hons) in Law. He decided that a career in secular law was not for him and therefore converted his degree to Mathematics. Subsequently he completed a PGCE in Mathematics. Shaykh Sulaiman started work as a secondary school teacher and in his second year he was promoted to the position of “Head of Mathematics”; all the while being in his first post in the East Ridings of Yorkshire. Shaykh Sulaiman initiated work on a long-term project which was the establishment of a high quality Islamic school for Muslims and, as dawah, non-Muslims of the UK. He worked to educate future generations with knowledge that would benefit them in this life and the Hereafter. The endeavours in this field required the creation of a new generation of Islamic Scholars that can meet the needs of the Muslims of the UK and the world.

Shaykh Sulaiman began his studies in the Islamic Sciences and has been exceptionally blessed to have covered the many Classical and Authentic texts of Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammah: Furthermore Shaykh Sulaiman has studied various texts on Usul-ul-Fiqh; Kufr & Biddah; Spirituality, Hadith, and various other books. His studies continue……. Al-Hamdu-Lillah, the Shaykh has taught several texts in Fiqh, Aqeedah and Hadith. His lessons are currently on going in these fields and insha’Allah some of his students are also teaching the Islamic Sciences. There are few people today who have had an opportunity to study such a wide collection of texts from venerable scholars. Sheikh Sulaiman had such dedication and love towards the Islamic community that he strongly felt it was his duty to give everything he had, to open an Islamic institution in South Yorkshire so the community can benefit. Shaykh Sulaiman was the founder and the driving force behind the opening and running of Avicenna Academy a Primary and Secondary School in South Yorkshire. The School achieved Good with Outstanding features from OFSTED, and has achieved outstanding results in their GCSE (Secondary) and KS1 (Primary) national exams. This was all under the guidance and stewardship of the great Shaykh. He also established and governed the Avicenna Herbal Academy as well as the Avicenna Scholarship program, whilst teaching the classical books on the course himself. Shaykh Sulaiman translated and authored the highly regarded and influential book “Hanafi principles of Testing Hadith”, which took the Islamic world by storm. It taught the science of testing all narrations of the Prophet (PBUH) in a rigorous manner.

Shaykh Sulaiman also writes articles about many contemporary issues facing Muslims in the West, examples of these articles are “Islamic Blasphemy Laws, and the strange case of Mumtaz Qadiri” and “Islamic Law, Homosexuality, and the Pulse Massacre”. These articles can be accessed on the Shaykh’s blog

April 1, 2018

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